Friday, 27 March 2009

Edith's directorial debut

Edith has been slaving away, with a band of very loyal and committed fellow students, at a production of The Real Inspector Hound by Sir Tom Stoppard for the past 6 months. She founded the sixth form drama club in the autumn and this is the result. They opened last night to an ecstatic audience, second (and last) performance is tonight.

Brilliant and efficient direction, very funny acting and everyone pulling out all the stops 100%. There was a palpable sense of co-operation, warmth and team effort such as Sir Alan Sugar will never see on his stupid TV show. What a talented bunch of students Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School has - and what a lovely daughter we have.

The cast and credits as detailed in the programme (design by Isabella Chakiris, and very nice too)

Moon: Daniel Laking
Birdboot: Liam Steward-George
Mrs Drudge: Ailish Coghlan
Radio Announcer: Alison Cryan
Simon: Patrick D'Arcy
Felicity: Edith Nnotum
Cynthia: Sophie Platts-Martin
Magnus: John Crowley
Inspector Hound: Michael Galea
Corpse: Gabrielle Deehan

Director: Edith Johnson
Producers: Anne Le Fur and Alexandra Sayers
Assistant Producers: Georgia Ford, Eleanor Hingley, Ann O'Malley, Anna Godinho
Stage Managers: Alison Cryan and Maya Malarski
Publicity: Isabella Chakiris
Costumes: Barbara Ryan
Hair and Make up: Ximene Weaver
Design Team: Edward Abedian, Connal Harper, Freya Anderson (Thanks to Ben Payne and Alex Sayers)
Sound and Lighting: Joe Childs, Sophie Boles and Eleanor Hingley (thanks to Andrew Hingley)
Filming and Photography: Becky Johnson and Tom Warren

Special thanks also went to Mr Cooney, Ms Muhammed and Ms O'Connell (but actually the kids did all the work!)

Special thanks also should go to Sir Tom Stoppard for sending Edith a very encouraging email just when she was getting close to despair!

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